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Because there's a story in everything

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Dr Martina Muller

I am an accredited professional historian with particular expertise in heritage. As an executive committee member of PHA NSW & ACT I am accredited under the National Standards for Accreditation for Membership of Professional Historians in Australia.

Having worked in the heritage sector for many years, both as a heritage consultant and historian, I have written numerous histories that have been used to guide developments across the wider Sydney area. I previously worked as a Heritage Consultant at GBA Heritage and, more recently, as a historian at NBRSARCHITECTURE.

My own business is called Storialines because it sums up what I do and reflects who I am. Having been brought up in Switzerland where I learnt German, Italian, French and English at school, I love the play on two words from two of these languages: Storia (Italian for 'history, story, tale or yarn') and Storyline (English for 'narrative or plot of a story'). 


My aim is to bring the history of our built environment alive by researching stories, finding the main narratives and communicating them in an easy to understand and engaging way, based on the facts. 

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My Work

I undertake historical research and write histories about places and buildings. This includes research about the people and businesses associated with sites, such as owners, occupants and architects.


Most of my work is prepared for inclusion in heritage reports, enabling heritage specialists to make sound decisions about future development strategies for heritage places. I have worked on a wide range of projects, from small, privately owned residential sites to large, public properties, and have researched various building types, from pubs to libraries, schools, gaols, cemeteries, homesteads, warehouses, shops, churches, fire stations, and even ski resorts.


I also provide research services for individuals or companies who would like to know more about the history of their house or business.


In my research I evaluate and analyse a wide range of sources, including land titles, maps, photographs, historical building application files and other relevant material held by archives and libraries, as well as the existing building fabric and site components. I am also experienced in preparing Interpretation Strategies and Plans, and am a member of Interpretation Australia, the peak body of natural and cultural heritage interpretation in Australia.

Fees are in accordance with the Scale of Fees recommended by the Professional Historians Association (PHA).

My Work

I access project specific sources and evidence, collate relevant information and assess its significance and reliability


Based on the facts, I write an engaging narrative - targeted to the audience - and present it in the required format, including print and online


Based on the history, defined themes and storylines, I make recommendations on how to effectively communicate the significance of a place  to the public

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I acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the land on which I live and work, and pay my respects to Elders past, present and emerging.

Martina Muller MPHA NSW & ACT



ABN 37 368 328 488

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